Monthly Meeting Minutes – 1/9/2023


Monthly Meeting Minutes – 1/9/2023

Monthly Meeting Minutes

09/01/2023 5:30 pm


Chris Anderson, President Meagan James, Vice President Melissa Anderson, Treasurer Melanie Lorber, Secretary Mackenzie Tetmeyer, Hospitality Coordinator Stacy Olson, Principal Andy Carlson (3rd Grade) Megan Francis (via Teams)

Discussion Topics

  • Treasurer’s Report:  Melissa shared the latest financial statements, noting the most recent expenditures for the teachers’ wish list Amazon orders, movie day refreshments, renewal of IXL subscription, and the coffee service from The Coffee Belt. Additional expenditures will be going out over the next few months to cover class field trips, including the 3rd grade trip to Circa 21.  A $100 check was received from CBI as part of their Hometown 100 giveaway.
  • Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Olson passed along Thank You’s for the coffee service, Amazon wish list gifts and movie day refreshments.  All were well received and appreciated.  She also passed around a recent report on the school’s IXL usage.
  • President’s Report:
    • Chris noted that we are sitting well financially, even with upcoming field trip expenditures.
    • Mississippi Valley Child Protective Services reached out to Chris about potential partnering to provide an information meeting to local families about what to do if/when a child indicates they are being abused.  Not sure if this should fall under AIM or another group?
    • Chris sent a message to the concrete company contact about potentially doing the outdoor classroom project this spring.
  • School Magic Show:
    • February/March fairly open.  David indicated he could do two shows – (1) K-2 and (2) 3-6 – to make the audience sizes more manageable.
    • ACTION: Melissa will contact David Casas to see what works for his schedule.
  • McTeacher Night:
    • Mackenzie shared that she has not heard back from her contact at McDonald’s.
    • We may need to look at other options: Culver’s, Applebee’s, Taco John’s, Panda Express, etc.
    • ACTION: Chris will contact Culver’s for details on their fundraiser opportunities.
    • ACTION:  Chris will follow up with the McDonald’s contact to see what we could do to make a McTeacher Night more manageable for them.
  • Spring Fundraiser:  Still planning to sell Hy-Vee fundraiser cards, sometime after spring break.  Chris noted that we could also post the cards for purchase on the PTO’s website.
  • Field Trips:  Stacy has been covering some field trip expenses with school funds.  Chris asked that she share her field trip expenditures with PTO so we can track typical field trips costs for each year.  Chris noted that “memorable experiences” are more important than sticking to a $5-10 per student cap.  Bus services will be difficult for field trips this year due to short staffing.  ACTION:  Meagan will contact teachers to help them start planning their field trips early.
  • Staff Dinner During Parent Teacher Conferences:  ACTION:  Mackenzie will contact Guadalajara to cater another staff dinner the week of February 13th.  Since conferences are being held on Valentine’s night, we’ll plan to have something special for the staff and their significant other.  Mackenzie offered to make her cookies.
  • 100th Day of School (~February 3rd):  PTO is not planning to do anything school-wide but if any teachers are planning to do something they can contact PTO to help cover expenses.
  • Read Across America (March 2nd):  ACTION: Vickie Meerdink coordinate with staff to determine any festivities tied to Read Across America.  Possibly bring in community members to read?
  • In lieu of providing snacks for students during FAST or ISAP testing, PTO will provide treats right before Conditions of Learning surveys (April or May?).  PTO will also plan to have The Coffee Belt provide refreshments for the staff meeting designated for staff to complete their surveys.  ACTION:  Mackenize will coordinate with The Coffee Belt once the staff meeting date is known.
  • Family Fun Activity:  Looking to do something in the spring instead of winter.  Possibly a cookout, a performance from the Science Guy, and an outdoor movie.  Potential dates identified are May 5th or May 19th.  ACTION:  Meagan will contact the Science Guy to see if either of those dates work with his schedule.
  • Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the November 14, 2022, meeting were approved.
  • Gift Card Drawing Winners:  Andy Carlson and Megan Francis.
  • Next Meeting:  Monday, February 6, 2023, at 5;30pm

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