Meeting Minutes – May 8th, 2023


Meeting Minutes – May 8th, 2023

Monthly Meeting Minutes

08/05/2023 5:30 pm


Chris Anderson (President) Meagan Jameson (Vice President) Melissa Anderson (Treasurer) Melanie Lorber (Secretary) Mackenzie Tetmeyer (Hospitality Chair) Stacy Olson (Principal) Sara Huston Shera Barbour Ren Stych Melissa Booth Vickie Meerdink (4th Grade Teacher)

Discussion Topics

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Chris Anderson reviewed the statements within the Treasurer’s report, explaining that despite spending more than we brought in this year, we are still sitting fairly well with cash on hand.  Several expenditures this year were for items that will be re-used for several years (e.g., new carnival games, banner, pop-up canopy, reusable tablecloth, etc.).
  • Principal’s Report
    • Heads up that art teacher, Eden Haas, would like to start an after-school art club next year and may request assistance from the PTO.
    • Mrs. Olson states she has about $1,000 left in building budget, which should be enough to cover bus expenses for end-of-year class field trips.
  • President’s Report
    • Covered in Treasurer’s and Principal’s Report discussions.
  • Minutes of the April 3rd meeting were approved.
  • Review of Open Action Items
    • Action re: outdoor classroom plan/notification of Ryan Castle still open.
    • Action re: reaching out to Taco John’s about scheduling a fundraiser night.  Chris Anderson reports that Taco John’s has not responded.
    • Action re: flyer and RSVP for Family Fun Night.  Meagan Jameson is finishing up the flyer.  Melissa Anderson has created the RSVP page within the Mulberry PTO website.  She will share the link with Mrs. Olson to send out via Class Dojo.
    • Action re: retirement gifts/recognition for Mrs. Sears and Mrs. Meerdink is still open.  Also plan to develop a standard “gift” for retirements going forward.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12)
    • Meagan has the floaties, cups, decor, etc., for Wednesday.  Mackenzie put the pop in the kitchen but there was no freezer space for the ice cream.
    • Friday, Mackenzie is bringing the baked goods.  Coffee Belt will be on-site preparing custom beverages.
    • Lack of refrigerator space in the teachers’ lounge led to discussion about buying them a 2nd refrigerator.  Mrs. Olson noted that the electrical set-up would not be able to handle a 2nd fridge.  Instead, possibly get a larger refrigerator that would use the same amperage.  ACTION: PTO will price out a refurbished commercial refrigerator from Weikert’s Appliance.
    • Appliance discussion also included microwave issues.  There are two microwaves in the teachers’ lounge but sometimes they’ll trip a breaker if both are being used, especially if there are also crockpots plugged in during a potluck.  Several ideas were mentioned, such as putting a microwave on a cart and moving it to another, infrequently used room or getting a generator.
  • Family Fun Night (May 19th, 5:30-7pm)
    • Meagan is preparing the flyer.  Melissa A. set up the RSVP and will share with Stacy to send out via Class Dojo.
    • Meagan noted that Absolute Science needed to mail the contract.  She provided the school’s address, will need to see if it’s come in the mail.  Melissa will bring a check on the 19th, just in case.
    • ACTION: Need tablecloths (approximately 10)
    • Casey’s pizza, bottled water, drink mix-in packets, light snacks (Goldfish, fruit snacks, etc.).
    • Absolute Science 1 hour of mega bubble stations.  Yard games.  Bounce houses?  We won’t advertise bounce houses, but if weather is good the Andersons might bring theirs.
    • Meagan messaged the Kona Ice people to see if they have availability for May 19th.  Based on info from a 2021 party, they had a $150 minimum, which was about 50 cups.
    • If not Kona Ice, maybe rent a cotton candy machine?
  • Congratulations to Mulberry School for winning the competition between schools for most registered participants in Race for the Schools.  The school’s P.E. class won $300.
  • PTO Board for 2023-2024 School Year
    • President – Melissa Booth
    • Vice President – Ren Stych
    • Secretary – Melanie Lorber
    • Treasurer – Mackenzie Tetmeyer
    • Hospitality Chair – Sara Huston
    • Room Parent Coordinator – Shera Barbour
  • Next meeting – no more meetings this school year!
  • Plan to hold a PTO transition event in June – cookout?

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