Meeting Minutes – April 3rd, 2023


Meeting Minutes – April 3rd, 2023

Monthly Meeting Minutes

03/04/2023 5:30 pm


Chris Anderson (President) Meagan James (Vice President) Melissa Anderson (Treasurer) Melanie Lorber (Secretary) Stacy Olson (Principal) Shera Barbour

Discussion Topics

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Melissa reported that Guadalajara did not run the payment for the conference week teacher’s dinner yet, so that payment will be processed soon.
    • No other requests for field trip funds.  Most classes are doing free activities where only cost is bussing.  Stacy will cover cost of bussing as long as she has funds.
    • Magician has been paid for last week’s magic show.
    • Amazon Smile is officially done.  Melissa will move money from our Amazon account to one of our other accounts.
    • PTO received funds via Casey’s Cash Rewards from someone.  Maybe we should advertise this as another source of passive income.
  • Principal’s Report
    • Stacy reports that 4th grade used iXL to as test preop for the ISASP testing.  It worked well and they plan to use that for the other grades for next year’s test prep.
    • The district did a security audit of school buildings.  Each school gets $50,000 to improve security – for things such as new doors, security cameras, and window tint.
    • The recent lockdown went well, considering.  Kids did a great job.
  • Minutes from February 6th meeting were approved.
  • Review of Open Action Items
    • Action re: outdoor classroom plan/notification of Ryan Castle still open.
    • Closing actions re: McDonald’s McTeacher Night/Culver’s fundraiser.
    • Closing action re: Coffee Belt in conjunction with Conditions of Learning surveys.  Teachers do not have to complete surveys now.  Coffee Belt will be moved to Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Instead of McDonald’s or Culver’s fundraisers, Chris will look into Taco John’s fundraiser night availability.
  • Hy-Vee Discount Card fundraiser tabled.  Chris will test out possibly making them available for sale via the Mulberry PTO website.
  • Spring Family Fun Night
    • Planned for Friday, May 19th, 5:30-7/7:30pm at Mulberry.
    • Absolute Science – plan to have them set up activity stations; 1 hr for $375
    • Refreshments:  Casey’s Pizza, Bottled Water, Flavor packets?
    • Other Activites: Yard games, bags
    • ACTION: Send out RSVP prior to event for rough attendance/pizza ordering purposes.
    • Approved $1,000 for Family Fun Night
  • Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8th-12th
    • PTO approved $2,000 to fund teacher treats for Monday, Wednesday, Friday
      • Monday – Chips and Salsa Bar
      • Wednesday – Stay Afloat Until Summer (Self-serve ice cream floats)
      • Friday – Coffee Belt and donuts?  ACTION: Mackenzie – see if Coffee Belt is available for May 12th.
    • Possibly put together a gift basket to be given away to a teacher via drawing. (Example items – Teacher Affirmations tumbler, gift cards, etc.)
    • Meagan will create a flyer to send out to room parents/families to encourage special activities/treats for individual teachers.  Stacy will share flyer via ClassDojo.
  • Upcoming Retirements – Kim Sears and Vickie Meerdink retiring the end of this school year.  Plan special gifts/recognition from PTO.  ACTION: PTO Board come up with a “standard” retirement gift going forward.
  • PTO Board elections will take place at the next meeting.  ACTION: Advertise PTO Board openings, nominations and elections.  Spread the word!
  • Next Meeting: Monday, May 8, 2023, at 5:30pm.

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