Meeting Minutes – September 11th, 2023


Meeting Minutes – September 11th, 2023

Monthly Meeting Minutes

11/09/2023 5:15 pm


Melissa Booth, President Ren Stych, Vice-President Mackenzie Tetmeyer, Treasurer Melanie Lorber, Secretary Stacy Olson, Principal Shera Barbour, Room Parent Coordinator Sara Huston, Hospitality Coordinator Megan Francis Andrea Hoeper Breanna Horsey

Discussion Topics

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Treasurer’s Report:  Ren Stych provided the checking and savings balances. Noted that checking balance got spent down at the end of last year, will need to transfer some funds from saving to checking to cover some initial expenses for the parade float and fund run supplies. Two student scholarships yet to be paid out.  Stacy Olson said the students have to contact her and confirm they are enrolled in classes before receiving their scholarships.  Stacy also recommended a PTO board member be involved in future scholarship application reviews.  Reviews typically occur in March.. [ACTION: Provide name of PTO board member to participate in scholarship reviews by February.]
  • Principal’s Report:  Nothing to report.
  • President’s Report:  Melissa Booth shared that many parents and teachers have told her how exited they are for the school year and want to volunteer.  Explained PTO’s iXL subscription to attendees and that she and Ren will be talking to Joelle McConnaha about possible solutions to let us keep iXL. One option would be to find a way for the entire school district to get iXL, possibly through a grant.  Breanna Horsey offered to help out with pursuing a grant.
  • Minutes from the May 8th, 2023, meeting were approved.
  • Room Parent Coordinator Update: Shera Barbour has worked on tweaking last year’s room parent letter.  Recommended changes were noted.  She’ll get the letters ready to send out.
  • Hospitality Chairperson Update: PTO will bring in dinner for teachers one night during parent-teacher conferences week.  Planned date is Tuesday, October 17th.  Guadalajara is a staff favorite, so we’ll plan for that again.  Mackenzie Tetmeyer will coordinate with Sara Huston on contacts, ordering, etc., from Guadalajara.  Stacy did note that we may want to dial back on the quantity of food.  She’ll provide the number of teachers to Sara and Mackenzie. [ACTION: Stacy provide the number of teachers for staff dinner to Sara and Mackenzie.  ACTION: Sara and Mackenzie work together to order Guadalajara for the teachers on October 17th.]
  • Teacher Favorites/Amazon Wish Lists: Ren has been scanning the Teacher Favorites forms as they come in and will post to the PTO Drop Box.  Melissa will work on creating QR codes for teacher and staff Amazon Wish List links.  Plan is to message each class their respective teacher’s QR code via Parent Square.  A separate message will include QR codes for the support staff.  [ACTION: Ren upload scanned Teacher Favorites to PTO Drop Box.  ACTION: Melissa create QR codes to link to Amazon Wish Lists and messages for distributing QR codes.]
  • Homecoming Parade Float: Next week is Homecoming week.  The parade is Thursday, September 21st and the theme is “Out of This World”.  Parade begins at Grant Elementary, arrive by 5:30pm.  Parade starts at 6pm.   Mackenzie’s parents will let the PTO use their trailer again.  Melanie Lorber shared some pictures of design concepts we can use on the float.  Plan is to have a galaxy backdrop with a rocket ship and maybe some UFOs and aliens.  PTO will order some alien headbands and glasses for kids to wear in the parade. Melissa will work on a post inviting Mulberry family to walk in the parade and donate candy to hand out.  Shera recommended having a large tub for all candy to go into on the float and then smaller buckets for walkers to dip into to have candy to toss to parade watchers.
  • Mulberry Muskie Miles Fund Run: Melissa explained a new fund raiser we’re trying this fall that Ms. Eserhaut has experience with at other schools.  Students will obtain donation pledges either for each lap ran or a flat donation.  The week of September 25th, each class will have 30 minutes of their P.E. time to run as many laps as they can.  The grade (or class?) that fundraises the most will win a pizza party.  The top individual fundraiser wins lunch with the Principal and a friend.  Tony Loconsole will help record a video Thursday, September 14th that explains the fundraiser.  Melissa will also see if he can record clips on the run days to share on with families so they can see it (too crazy to invite parents to come in-person).
  • Carnival/Family Fun Night: Based on feedback/requests from teachers, the PTO will be stepping away from the usual Carnival format.  Instead, we’ll plan on a Family Fun Night in the spring that will be held primarily outdoors.  Ideas include food trucks (local vendors preferred), balloons, bounce house/obstacle course, face painting, clown/magician, raffle, silent auction, bake sale, etc.  We will coordinate with Grant Elementary to ensure we’re not scheduling at the same time.  Dates will be discussed at the October meeting.
  • Mulberry Night at Pizza Ranch: Wednesday, October 4th, from 5-8pm.  We must provide volunteers to bus tables and clean up from approximately 4:30 to 8:30pm.  We can also set up a donation table.  Need to get fliers out and posts on Facebook.  [ACTION: Ren to collect details on times, jobs and hours to have volunteers.  ACTION:  Prepare fliers and posts to spread the word about Mulberry Night at Pizza Ranch.]
  • To keep it simple and ensure no one is left out, the PTO will celebrate a Staff Appreciation Week during the traditional Teacher Appreciation Week in early May instead of trying to keep track of the more specific appreciation days throughout the year.
  • Melanie Lorber will be out of town for the next meeting on October 9th. Mackenzie will take meeting notes.
  • Next meeting – Monday, October 9th, 2023, at 5:15pm.

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