Monthly Meeting Minutes – 11/14/2022


Monthly Meeting Minutes – 11/14/2022

Monthly Meeting Minutes

14/11/2022 5:30 pm


Chris Anderson, President Meagan Jameson, Vice President Melissa Anderson, Treasurer Melanie Lorber, Secretary Mackenzie Tetmeyer, Hospitality Coordinator Stacy Olson, Principal Katie Roquet Anna Miller (2nd Grade, via Teams) Ren Stych (via Teams) Megan Francis (via Teams)

Discussion Topics

  • Principal’s Report:
    • Mrs. Olson opened up the meeting with a look at Mulberry’s results on the Iowa State Report Card.  Mulberry received a Commendable rating this cycle, just one point away from High Performing.  Reviewing the rating areas, Mulberry’s lowest rated area was Conditions of Learning – specifically Emotional Safety.  Mrs. Olson and the staff reviewed the questions during a recent meeting and believe the issue is in the interpretation of the intent of the questions.  They believe the questions were meant to be answered based on if something happened on a regular basis (e.g., name calling, being left out, etc.) and that students and teachers may have answered if the scenario happened once or twice.  Mrs. Olson and staff plan to do some prep and practice surveys with the students prior to the next assessment (April 2023).  PTO also plans to fund/support a special incentive/spirit activity 2-3 days prior to the next assessment.
    • Mrs. Olson noted that the IXL contract is due for renewal next week.  She believes that IXL has been very beneficial for the students.  Mulberry is the only school in the district that uses IXL.  IXL prepares students for standardized testing.  A motion was approved to review the IXL contract for Grades 3-6 and to add extra licenses for K-2 to use for enrichment.  Mrs. Olson will have Mrs. Gaeta reach out to Melissa Anderson for account info for payment.  ACTION: We need to work on marketing IXL and getting information out to the parents.
  • Treasurer’s Report:  Chris Anderson reviewed the updated financials that include most of the Carnival-related costs and revenue.  After a record-setting Carnival, we are sitting very well – even better than we were prior to the Pandemic.
  • Movie Day:  Anna Miller brought up the tradition of a Movie Day prior to Holiday Break.  She requested that PTO sponsor the snacks for Movie Day.  A motion was approved for PTO to fund Movie Day snacks (movie theater popcorn from Fareway, possibly M&Ms, etc.).  Meagan Jameson mentioned that one of her kid’s teachers was also planning to do their Holiday Party that week.  A motion was approved to review the movie license with Swank for one year.
  • Carnival Post-Mortem:
    • Mrs. Olson noted that having three lines at the door helped a lot, vice the “assembly line” approach.
    • PTO Board felt that getting a big info packet sent home earlier, explaining the Carnival, pre-orders, raffle tickets, etc., could help for next year.
    • Putting Rooms Back: Next year, let teachers know in advance that their rooms will not be re-set after the Carnival to allow for cleaning and proper placement of furniture.  PTO will plan to deliver breakfast refreshments for teachers the Monday morning after the next Carnival since they will need to come in a little earlier to re-set their own rooms.
    • Volunteers:  Key Club Volunteers did a great job.  Several parents/families complimented the volunteers.  We will continue with volunteers being assigned to one game for the night, made it simple.
    • The Church of Christ volunteers had a good time and ran the kitchen very well.
    • We had a lot of leftover pop.  Plan to do only three Fizzy Fridays next year.
    • Order more than 15,000 raffle tickets next year.
  • Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the October 10, 2022, meeting were approved.
  • Donation to the Haskell Family:  The PTO will provide a $250 donation towards the school’s collection for the Haskell family who lost their home in a fire a couple weeks ago.
  • Staff Special Treat:  PTO will plan to get a coffee bar from the Coffee Belt scheduled for the staff the week of December 12th as a special treat prior to Holiday Break.
  • Gift Card Drawing Winners:  Anna Miller and Katie Roquet.
  • Next Meeting:  Monday, December 12, 2022, at 5:30pm

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