Meeting Minutes – 9/12/2022


Meeting Minutes – 9/12/2022

Monthly Meeting Minutes

12/09/2022 5:30 pm


Chris Anderson, President Meagan Jameson, Vice President Melissa Anderson, Treasurer Melanie Lorber, Secretary Mackenzie Tetmeyer, Hospitality Chair Stacy Olson, Principal Andy Carlson (3rd Grade) Kim Green (Kindergarten) Anna Miller (2nd Grade, via MS Teams) Sara Huston Laura Dunbar Pesey Davis

Discussion Topics

  • Opening Comments:  Friday’s Tailgate went great – around 120 people attended.  We’ll plan to do another Tailgate next year.
  • Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Olson reports a calm, good start to the school year so far.
  • Treasurer’s Report: 
    • Melissa Anderson is the new Treasurer.  One change she’s instituted so far is to start using Quick Books online to track PTO’s financials.  She reviewed the Statements of Activity for the previous month and fiscal year to date (PTO’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30).  So far normal spending for the beginning of the school year and no fundraisers yet.
    • PTO paid out two scholarships ($500 each) to Carson Leary and Katie Clove.
    • PTO purchased insurance to cover Director’s Liability and Personal Injury.
    • A two-year gambling license was purchased for $150 to cover the Raffle.
    • Several reimbursements have been paid out to teachers.
    • We received $70 in free will donations at Friday’s Tailgate.
    • Participants discussed using Amazon Smile and Box Tops for Education as two easy ways to contribute to the PTO/school.
  • President’s Report:
    • Chris Anderson summarized best practices for PTO assets and where Mulberry PTO currently stands.  In a typical year, Mulberry PTO spends around $12-16K.  We’ve continued to spend this amount but due to the pandemic have not earned as much (no Carnival), so we’re down about $6K from where we normally would be at the start of the year.  Typically non-profits should have 6-9 months cash on hand; Mulberry PTO currently has 12-14 months cash on hand, so we’re setting well.
    • Mulberry PTO has a new website (  One of the new features is a form for teachers to fill out to request funds/reimbursement.
    • Outdoor classroom:  Chris stated that Hahn Ready-Mix will donate concrete for an outdoor classroom.  Potential locations are the grounds directly north or east of the Media Center/Library.  Ideally the design would be durable and not cause the grounds crews a challenge.  The project may need to be done in phases: Phase I – concrete structure, Phase II – covering (if needed).  ACTION: Stacy will contact Ryan Castle for feedback on what PTO needs to do to make this happen (i.e., provide a design).
  • Room Parents/Classroom Coordinators:  After almost three years of not being able to enter the building, we will be able to hold classroom parties and events again.  Room Parents/Classroom Coordinators help plan and execute these events with the teachers.  Melissa found an old form used in years past requesting information from parents interested in volunteering in the classroom.  ACTION:  Melissa will update the form and work with Mackenzie Tetmeyer (Hospitality Coordinator) to get forms to teachers for distribution.  ACTION:  PTO will collect forms, compile information and provide lists to teachers.  Teachers will then coordinate with their Room Parents/Classroom Coordinators to set their class’s respective party/event schedule for the year.  PTO will be available as a resource for new volunteers and can help pair up new with experienced volunteers.
  • Homecoming 2022 “Muskie Mania”:
    • Homecoming parade is Thursday, September 29th.  Line-up at Grant Elementary School at 5:15pm; parade starts at 6pm.
    • PTO plans to build a float for the parade.  Mackenzie has access to a 14-foot trailer.  Chris has access to a 20-foot car trailer.  PTO has access to a manager’s discount at Party City and will utilize the store/site for most materials.  Possible decorations for the float include inflatable field goal posts, lanterns and banners.  Pesey Davis offered to construct a balloon arch to place on the float.  Plan is to build the float the weekend before the parade (September 24th or 25th).  ACTION:  Stacy will ask if we can throw/hand out things during the parade.  If we can, we may hand out purple and gold bead necklaces.
    • Spirit Week:  Monday – Pajama Day, Tuesday – Crazy Hair Day, Wednesday – Hat Day, Thursday – Favorite Team Day, Friday – Purple and Gold Day.  ACTION:  Stacy will ensure Spirit Week info will be communicated via flyers and Class Dojo.  Pesey requested that Class Dojo reminders also get sent each night noting the theme for the next day.  PTO will also post Spirit Week themes via Facebook and the PTO website.
  • Carnival – Friday, November 4th, 5:30-8pm:
    • Chris went over typical returns from Carnival activities that contribute to the $10-12K netted.  Raffle ticket sales is the biggest contributor at $8-10K.
    • PTO will reach out to the teachers through Stacy to determine which classrooms are available for games.  Once available rooms are known, then we’ll determine games to have and any game purchases needed.
    • In addition to games, the Balloon Guy is popular with the kids.  Chris also knows a magician who could walk around and perform.
    • Volunteers:  Silver Chord, Muskie Minutes, and First Baptist Church are resources for volunteers to run the games.  Ideally, outside volunteers would allow parents to be able to enjoy the carnival with their families instead of having to work.  ACTION:  PTO will gather information to share for volunteer sign-up.
    • Pop Bottle Ring Toss:  Fizzy Fridays to collect 2 liters of pop.  For each 2-liter brought in, the student receives a ticket to use for the Teacher Experience drawings.
    • ACTION:  Melissa and Mackenzie will contact teachers for the Teacher Experience drawings.
    • Grade Level Baskets:  Each grade level will have a theme.  Room Parents will then coordinate donations to build raffle baskets around that theme.  3rd Grade (Haag/Carlson) claims the Iowa Hawkeyes theme.  ACTION:  Melissa and Mackenzie will contact teachers for preferred themes.
    • Grade Art Projects:  ACTION:  PTO will contact Mrs. Haas (Art Teacher) about doing art projects to raffle/auction off.
  • Gift Card Drawing Winners:  Sara Huston and Kim Green
  • Next Meeting:  Monday, October 10th, 2022, 5:30pm

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